How to Survive A Nuclear Attack

So,, you are wondering how to survive a nuclear attack. The odds really are stacked against you if this ever happens. Sadly the chances of it happening seem to be more and more possible every day.

As impossible as it may seem there are a few things you can do if you want to learn hot to survive a nuclear attack. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a good selection of supplies and survival equipment. All the things you will need to keep your family safe if this horrific event ever happens.

How to Survive A Nuclear Attack

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Can You Really Survive Nuclear Attack

This really is a very difficult question to answer. The bottom line is that if a nuclear strike hits and you are anywhere close to it there is very little chance you will live to tell the tale. this is especially true if you are outdoors when a such a strike hits.

However, with that said, if you are well prepared there is a slim chance of survival. Especially if you manage or are able to get indoors and somewhere safe.

Once the initial blast, shockwaves and nuclear fallout has past the most important factor that will keep you and your family alive is how well you prepared. Always remember that those who are well prepared stand the best chance of survival. Also consider that if you are anywhere near a nuclear explosion you will not be able to safely go anywhere for a very long time. That means the more emergency supplies you have the better the chances of survival are for you and your family.

You can never ever have enough food or water.

How to I Prepare

If you are anywhere close to a nuclear explosion you have a very low chance of survival. However, there are things you can do to prepare. It is worth pointing out here that once you are aware that a nuclear attack is about to happen it is already to late. The only real way to prepare for a nuclear attack is to make sure you have plenty supplies to help you survive in the weeks, months, even years after the attack.

This mean you should have as much emergency food and water as you can possibly stockpile. You will need access to candles, medical kits, a wind-up radio and tape so you can seal the doors and windows. This will help reduce the risk of nuclear fallout entering your home.

You should also make sure that everyone in your family knows your survival plans in the event of an attack.

If you want to know how to survive a nuclear attack a good supply of food and water is essential.

What Food Should I Stockpile

Since we have no way of knowing when a nuclear strike will happen it is important you choose the food you will stockpile carefully. When you buy food that you are going to stockpile you should be looking for food that has the longest shelf life.

With this in mind you should avoid buying food such as fresh fruit and meat. What you want to be looking to buy and stockpile is tinned food, large bags of pasta and rice.

It would be a great idea if you were to buy as much specially designed dried survival food as you can. This type of food can be stored for a long time and provides all the calories and nutrients you and your family will need.

What Survival Supplies Should I Keep

Clean water and food is obviously the main priority to keep you and your family safe following a nuclear attack. However, you will certainly need more than just food and water if an attack ever occurs.

You should also make sure you have all the medial supplies you need. Certainly keep a well stocked first aid kit at hand. It would be a good idea to keep buckets so you can easily remove human waste from your shelter. Make sure you have a good supply of batteries, hygiene products, cleaning products and candles. You should also make sure you have warm clothing on hand to keep you all warm.

Remember you will most likely need to remain in your shelter for a very long time. Nuclear fallout can take a very long time to clear and is fatal should a human come into contact with it.

How Long Do My Survival Supplies Need To Last

The golden rule here is to stockpile as many supplies as possible. At the very, very least you should have enough food and water to last you and your family 24 hours. This is considered the very minimum amount of supplies you will need should there be a nuclear attack.

You have to remember the weeks and months following a nuclear explosion are just as dangerous as the explosion itself. Ideally you should be looking to stockpile enough supplies to last you and your family several months. The more supplies you have the better your chances of survival will be.

Where Is the Safest Place to Be

It is vitally important that you are indoors. Anyone outdoors is going to have a very bad day.

When it comes to the best place to seek shelter in your home the number one choice should be the basement. If your home does not have a basement then it would be advised you take cover under the stairs. The staircase in your home is likely the strongest area.

It has also been suggested that you remove the internal doors from their hinges. these doors can then be leaned against walls and used for you and your family to shelter under.

How Will I Receive News and Information

In the event of a nuclear attack, if you want to survive the aftermath, you will find yourself alone and isolated wherever it is you have taken shelter. You will likely find yourself there, either alone or with your loved ones, for a very long time. One thing for certain is you will need to remain in your shelter until the radioactive fallout has cleared. This could and will take a very, very long time.

Even though you are sheltered away, hopefully with enough supplies for you and your family, it is vitally important that you have the required equipment to receive any information from news sources or the government. The ability to receive will likely be vitally important to your survival.

Since electronic devices are rendered useless in an nuclear attack your best option here is to keep things basic. A wind-up powered radio could be the perfect way to keep informed with the information that will keep you alive. Because these radios are fairly small and not connected to a large antenna there is a good chance they will survive the electro magnetic pulse from a nuclear explosion.

A military grade handheld radio would also be a good option. It would also be highly advisable to buy and have several radios with your supplies. This way, should one suffer damage, you will have several backups.

How Likely is a Nuclear Attack

There really is no simple answer to this question. If you want to learn how survive a nuclear attack the best thing you can do is be prepared. Have a good supply of everything you need. You will need food and bottled water. It is important that you also have a first rate medical supply kit along with all the required products that will allow you to seal up your home to avoid nuclear fallout entering your home.

At the time of writing it really does feel that a nuclear war could happen at any given moment. However, it is worth considering that the political landscape is constantly changing.

The bottom line is that a nuclear attack could happen in the next few seconds. It could also be an event that never ever happens. As a citizen of the world who wants to protect their family the best thing you can do is to be prepared. Make sure you have a good survival kit at home. Then make sure you have an emergency food supply and emergency water supply. On top of that make sure you have the required equipment and products so you can quickly and safely make your home safe and as nuclear proof as possible.

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