6 Month Emergency Food Supply

  • PREP CHECK CERTIFIED: 1,800 Calories Per Day | 50G Protein Per Day | 1788 Total Servings
  • VARIETY: 10 different meal options including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks
  • EXTENDED SHELF LIFE: Meals are packed into durable, long-lasting pouches designed to keep food fresh for up to 25 years
  • JUST ADD WATER: Simply pour water into the food, stir, cover, and wait 15 minutes
  • BE READY: From emergency food rationing to hiking and camping, our shelf-stable food is there for you.

Product description

Along with water a good supply of food is essential if you are facing an attack or natural disaster. The best thing you can do is buy a 6 month emergency food supply. Such food is sold in special packs which make it last a long, long time.

If you buy a 6 month emergency food supply you and your family have a great insurance policy. This is invaluable asset in the event of a nuclear attack, hurricane, earthquake or terror attack.

Any natural disaster imaginable could put you and your family in need of food. While this option gives a 6 month food supply for a single person you can also buy the same food in smaller or greater quantities. Whatever your budget is you are advised to build a good stockpile of emergency food packets.

The 6 month food supply is made up from 12 buckets of food offering 1,800 calories each day. This is made up from 50 grams of protein and is divided into breakfast meals, lunch meals, dinner meals, drinks and snacks.

You will have a variety of 10 different meal options with each meal having an extremely long shelf-life of 25 years. This long shelf life means you can build a huge food insurance policy for you and your family in the event of any attack or natural disaster.

In total a 6 month supply gives you1788 meals to enjoy in any situation.

Simply add water to each meal, stir it, then let it sit for 15 minutes and the meal is ready to enjoy.

These meals can also be used for camping trips.

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