Automatic Milk Dispenser

  • ONE HAND USE – No more lifting heavy bottles or taking out of fridge. Press your cup, glass or bowl to the trigger, and enjoy the Milk Dispenser For Fridge Gallon
  • NO SPILLS – The leakproof design with the micro switch sealing cover prevents accidental spills, drips or mess in the fridge.
  • BUIL-IN BATTERY – Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to a full month of constant use.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Detachable tube makes cleaning easy. Just rinse the tube with running water.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST CAPS – The silicone rings make the automatic beverage dispenser suitable for most bottles with a mouth diameter ranging from 1″ to 1.5″.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA – Your friends are throwing a party? Don’t worry! Hermands’ Automatic Dispenser for Milk makes it the ideal gift.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY – If for any reason Automatic Drink Dispenser malfunctions, simply request refund. No questions are asked.
  • USEFUL TIPS – Gently press the lid when using the dispenser to avoid the lid getting stuck in the open position. Close the sealing cover after use to cut off the air from the milk and seal it against accidental contact. For cleaning the pump, it is recommended to detach it from the bottle, place the silicon tube in a glass of water and use it until the water coming out of the pump is clean.
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Product description

Automatic Milk Dispenser

Small But Mighty
Product constructed with high quality food grade material that would not deform in the refrigerator and with built-in batter, you do not have to think about replacing the battery.

No More Spilling
Prevent messes caused by pouring and tipping! Simplify pouring beverages and fixing cereal bowls for children and elderly folks alike.

No More Lifting
Keep heavy bottles in place but still get a perfect pour. The Hermands bottle top is great for people with surgical weight restrictions and limited grip strength.

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