Emergency Bottled Water (pallet)

  • 16.91 fluid oz./bottle
  • 24 Bottles/Carton; 78 Cartons/Pallet
  • Bottle is made from 30% less plastic
  • Enhanced with a unique blend of minerals for great taste
  • Ergonomic bottle is flexible and easy to hold

Product description

In any survival situation the most essential thing you need is a good supply of Emergency Bottled Water. Whether you are facing a nuclear attack, terror attack, hurricane, earthquake, blackout, any natural disaster it is essential you have at least enough Emergency Bottled Water to last you and your family three days. A pallet of battled water would be ideal. This is because it gives you extra time should you find yourself without water for excessive amount of time.

Buying at least one pallet of bottled water would give you and your family peace of mind.

In this instance you will be buying 16.91 fluid oz bottles of water. This pallet is made up from 78 cartons with each carton containing 24 bottles of water. This means for every pallet you buy you and your family will have access to 1872 bottles of clean water.

This is an ideal insurance policy if you are facing nuclear fallout, a virus outbreak, pretty much any natural disaster you could imagine. Even if the aliens attacked you will find yourself grateful for a good supply of clean water.

It is also good to know that these plastic bottles are made from 30% of recycled materials.

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