Long Burn Emergency Candles

  • HIGH QUALITY HANDMADE CANDLES: Homemade right here in the United States! They are made from premium natural beeswax and crafted to be reliable and useful in any household for beautiful decorating. lighting.
  • LONG LASTING BURN: Keep the flame burning for up to 4 hours so they stay alit through evening get-togethers and lovely dinners – great strength make them highly dependable whenever you need them.
  • TAPERED TO FIT IN MOST CANDLE HOLDERS: Great fit for most candle holders, the sophisticated tapered design will accentuate any living room décor fabulously so they elegantly fit any home with style.
  • NATURAL & NON-TOXIC: Each 100% pure beeswax candle kindles a steady flame without the impurities of paraffin, so it’s safe around kids & those with asthma.
  • LARGE QUANTITY: Get 12 great candles in one order so you can keep any room in your home aglow for weeks, even months – get your money’s worth with our candles that are greatly scented and last long. SIZE: approx 5 inch tall x 0.65″

Product description

Possibly one of the most essential items you need to survive any natural disaster in your home is a good supply of long burn emergency candles. Whether you and your family are trying to survive a nuclear war or attack, an earthquake, hurricane, terror attack, virus outbreak, extreme weather event, or just a regular blackout You should never be without some long burn emergency candles.

When it comes to buying the perfect supply of candles for use in home survival situations it is important to consider how long they will burn. In most cases candles are categorized by how long they burn. You should buy a supply of candles that will burn for at least 4 hours.

The larger your supply of candles the more secure you will be. Especially if you and your family find yourselves in a survival situation that cripples your environment for a considerable amount of time.

Candles are an exceptionally good idea to have on hand for a simple blackout to a nuclear war or attack. After all a nuclear explosion generates an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) which will likely render even a simple flashlight useless.

Make sure you buy candles that easily fit standard candle holders. This will save you the worry that they will get tipped over creating a fire hazard.

It would be also advisable to buy emergency candles which are made from beeswax. This means they are totally natural and non-toxic.

Ideally, make sure you have at least 24 candles in your home survival kit at any given time.

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