Plastic Sheet Roll Sealing

  • 【Surface Protection】Use our plastic sheeting to cover your car,carpet,floor,furniture such as:sofa,table,bed,closet to protect against paint,water,dust,debris.Perfect for painting,cleaning,decorating and long-time out in travel.
  • 【Self-adhesive Drop Cloth】Designed with static electricity adsorption,freely attached to the surface of furniture,floors,carpet,ect to provide better protection.
  • 【With Positioning Masking Tape】Adhesive masking tape on the top of our plastic sheet(the yellow part) helps you locate the plastic cover.No worry about the plastic tarp falling off or moving.Suitable for three-dimensional furniture such as wardrobe,fridge.
  • 【Tough and Tear Resistance】Made of polyethylene,waterproof,durable and anti-tear.Easy to unpack and spread out.You can cut the plastic film to any lengths according to your needs.
  • 【Large Size】9 x 65 Feet plastic drop cloth helps you protect large/medium/small objects.Easy to clean up after remodeling your house or office.

Product description

There are certain situations and home survival situations where sealing windows, doors and vents is vitally important. To do this you can use plastic sheet roll sealing. This is nothing more than simple rolls of polythene which can be used to quickly cover any gaps in your home which need sealing.

Such scenarios where you need to use plastic sheet roll sealing are a nuclear attack where you are trying to stop nuclear fallout from entering your home. This would also apply in the even of a terror attack, chemical attack or a virus outbreak.

The thicker the polythene sheet the better. After all you really do not want any sheets used for sealing your home to tear, rip or split. This would allow harmful substances into your home.

In the same breath you do not want to use polythene sheets that are overly thick. If you choose material that is overly thick you will be adding weight and this increases the risk that they will break free from any tape that has been used to hold them up. It is about getting a happy medium between light weight and strength.

Your main objective is to seal your windows and doors as quickly as possible. Remember you are protecting your home from small or invisible particles from entering your home. You are not protecting your home from debris that will likely rip or tear any plastic sheeting.

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