Tipsi Tray

  • Traditional 2 handed tea trays or wood trays are a thing of the past. The Tipsi Tray allows you to carry more drinks in a single hand. The Perfect gift for dad this fathers day. Make Life a Little Easier and spillnot your food and drink.
  • Carrying drinks in one hand leaving your spare hand free for balance, a walking cane or walking aid, opening doors. Breakfast tray, coffee tray, bandejas para desayuno or serving trays for tea.
  • Make a loved ones’ life a little easier and safer in the home. The anti-spill serving tray will replace their old 2 handed serving tray. The perfect gift for an older person or disabled person.
  • Carrying drinks on stairs was always a chore but with Tipsi Tray you have a spare hand to hold the bannister making this task both easier and safer. All 3 sizes stack making a great serving trays set.
  • Removable Handle Tray for easy storage. No Spill edges and grippy surface. Edges can easily contain the liquid and the surface is easy to wipe clean. Serving trays with handles set, tea tray serving set serving trays kitchen.
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Product description

Tipsi Tray

Climb Stairs Safely and Open Doors
It’s never been easier. Open doors, use the bannister on stairs and balance with your free hand. The Tipsi Tray is designed to make yours and your loved ones lives much easier.

Take back control around the house with free movement in a safer and easier way on a single handed tray. An awesome bar serving tray and drinks tray for home, office or restaurant.

Load and Unload Drinks
The Single Handed Tipsi Tray is designed to last a lifetime. The removable handle allows for easy storage and postage. It is also a stackable tray with more than 1. Our packaging is fully recyclable* and contains zero plastic.

(Plus it makes great wrapping paper)

*Cardboard is widely recycled. Tray for serving food and coffee tray. Bandeja de servir, bandeja de comida, bandeja de café, bandeja de bebidas.

Contemporary Design
Whether serving tea at your local cafe or taking drinks up to the home office the Tipsi Tray makes the whole process easier.

A stainless steel contemporary design means that the Tipsi Tray will be in use for years to come with sleek lines and a super strong design. A great serving trays for restaurants. Or Bed serving tray. Unlike a bamboo tray or wood tray it will not rot or harbour germs.

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