9 Ways to Harden Your Home Against Potential Riot Damage

When civil unrest breaks out you are probably safest staying in your own home. However, this is only true if your home is capable of withstanding any potential attacks. Here we give you 9 ways to harden your home against potential riot damage.

9 Ways to Harden Your Home Against Potential Riot Damage

Prepping for Riots and Civil Unrest

Securing Your Sanctuary: 9 Ways to Fortify Your Home Against Riots

Protecting your loved ones and your home is paramount during times of civil unrest. This guide explores nine proactive measures you can take to harden your property and deter potential damage caused by riots. By implementing these steps and fostering a culture of preparedness within your household, you can significantly enhance your sense of security and resilience in the face of unforeseen circumstances.

1. Reinforce Doors and Windows

Your home’s entry points are its first line of defense. Install reinforced door frames equipped with heavy-duty deadbolt locks to deter break-ins. Apply security film or shutters to windows, making them more resistant to impact and less susceptible to breakage. For added protection, consider installing security bars or grilles on vulnerable windows.

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2. Upgrade Exterior Lighting

Deter crime with illumination. Install motion-sensing lights around the perimeter of your home to activate with any approaching movement. Utilize bright LED floodlights to illuminate dark areas and discourage potential intruders. Ensure all entry points are well-lit, leaving no shadowy corners for trespassers to exploit.

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3. Secure Garage and Entry Points

Don’t overlook the garage. Install sturdy garage doors with reinforced locks and hinges. Keep your garage doors closed and locked at all times, especially during periods of unrest. Additionally, secure side doors and any secondary entry points leading into your home with additional locks or barricades if necessary.

4. Protect Roof and Siding

Your home’s exterior needs protection too. Consider reinforcing your roof with impact-resistant shingles or metal panels to better withstand potential projectiles. Trim tree branches and remove any debris that could potentially damage the roof during a riot. Furthermore, explore options for installing protective barriers or screens designed to shield your siding from projectiles.

5. Secure Outdoor Items

Take control of your surroundings. Anchor outdoor furniture, grills, and any other loose items that could be used as projectiles by rioters. Store gardening tools, ladders, and other potential weapons in a secure location inside your home to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Remove or secure any loose items around your property, such as rocks, bricks, or construction materials, that could be used to cause damage.

6. Install Surveillance Cameras

See what’s happening around you. Strategically place security cameras around your property to monitor activity and deter potential intruders. Opt for cameras with motion detection and night vision capabilities for enhanced surveillance, allowing you to monitor your home even during low-light conditions. Connect your cameras to a central monitoring system or cloud storage for remote access and recording of footage, providing valuable evidence if needed.

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7. Create a Barrier Zone

Establish a perimeter defense. Create a physical barrier around your home using fencing, shrubbery, or landscaping features. Natural barriers such as thorny bushes or dense foliage can deter unwanted access. Ensure that access points to your property are well-defined and easily monitored.

8. Strengthen Interior Security Measures

Security goes beyond the exterior. Install solid-core doors and heavy-duty locks on interior rooms for added protection in case of a breach. Consider reinforcing walls and ceilings with impact-resistant materials for an extra layer of security. Designate a safe room or shelter area within your home equipped with emergency supplies and communication tools to provide a haven during emergencies.

9. Prepare an Emergency Plan

Be ready for anything. Develop a comprehensive emergency plan with your family, outlining evacuation routes, communication protocols, and meeting points in case you need to leave your home. Conduct regular drills and practice these procedures to ensure everyone in your household knows what to do during a riot. Stay informed about potential threats in your area and maintain a state of readiness to implement your plan if necessary.


By taking these nine steps, you can significantly enhance your home’s security and resilience against potential damage during riots. Remember, proactive preparation is key. By safeguarding your property and loved ones, you can navigate challenging situations with greater confidence and peace of mind.

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