Bluetti AC180 Review

Welcome to our complete, hands on Bluetti AC180 Review. Here we have taken this hugely popular portable solar powered power station for a spin in the real world. Our intention is to cut through the hype and find out if this power station really is worth the money. It is our hope this Bluetti AC180 Review helps you decide if this portable power station is right for your own personal needs.

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Bluetti AC180 Power Station Review

Bluetti AC180 Review

Bluetti AC180 Overview

The Bluetti AC180 is a portable power station that packs a punch. With a 1,152Wh LiFePO4 battery and a continuous output of 1,800W, it can power your devices and appliances both on and off the grid.

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Bluetti AC180 Power Station Performance

Inverter Power and Outlets

The AC180 boasts a robust 1800W inverter with brief surge capabilities up to 2700W, facilitating the operation of household devices through its two AC outlets. Despite its larger size in comparison to the EcoFlow Delta 2, a competitor, the AC180 features two outlets, while the Delta 2 offers four in the UK. Both units share the vital characteristic of a pure sine wave output, ensuring compatibility with sensitive electronics—a feature confirmed through graphical multimeter testing.

Power Lifting Mode

The smartphone app introduces Power Lifting mode, enabling the unit to power resistive loads like heaters and hair dryers at a peak of 2700W by adjusting the voltage. Caution is advised when using this mode.

Performance Testing

During testing, a 2kW heater operated at maximum output for over two minutes, showcasing the unit’s ability to exceed its 1800W inverter rating. Power Lifting mode extended the heater’s runtime indefinitely, albeit at a slightly reduced output.

Fan Operation

Fan operation corresponds to output levels, with full-speed engagement at higher outputs. The fans, while audible, effectively maintain the unit’s cool temperature. Noise levels vary based on ambient temperatures and remain relatively low even at 1000W.

Bluetti AC180 Review

Household and Workshop Applications

The AC180 demonstrated versatility around the house, powering various appliances, including a Nespresso machine and a 1550W hair dryer. Notably, Power Lifting mode was required for a kettle. In a workshop setting, the unit effortlessly powered handheld tools and even handled demanding stationary machinery, showcasing its robust capabilities.

AC Subsystem Efficiency

To conserve power, deactivating the AC subsystem when not in use is recommended. Eco mode, configurable through the app, allows automatic shutdown based on specified duration and power thresholds.

DC Outputs and Efficiency

Efficient DC output utilization is encouraged for devices like fridges. Testing the 12V car outlet and USB ports confirmed their functionality, with minor voltage drops under increased load. The unit’s single 100W USB Type-C port and four USB-A ports were examined, showcasing reliable functionality.

Wireless Charging and Usable Capacity

The 15W Qi wireless charging pad exhibited an approximate 8W charging speed. Usable battery capacity was evaluated through a heater test, demonstrating over 80% efficiency—around 85%.

UPS Mode and Transfer Time

The AC180 supports UPS mode with a swift transfer time of less than 20ms. For prolonged UPS use, especially for sensitive devices, DC input charging is recommended, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Grounding Port and Considerations

The unit includes a grounding port, emphasizing the importance of proper grounding for permanent installations. Grounding hardware is not provided but can be implemented with an M5 bolt, 14-gauge wire, and a metal spike if needed. Grounding requirements may vary based on local regulations.

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Bluetti AC180 Review

Charging the Bluetti AC180

Charging the Bluetti AC180 power station there is a range of options to suit various needs. You can quickly recharge the unit by connecting it to the mains using the provided cable, or opt for on-the-go flexibility by charging it from a car outlet with the included car to DC 7909 cable. Additionally, solar charging is made possible with compatible panels using the MC4 to DC 7909 cable provided.

Bluetti’s choice of the round DC 7909 connector, supporting a maximum of 10A, might not be universally favored. Some users may prefer more common options like XT60. Despite this, Bluetti ensures all necessary cables are supplied for each charging method.

It’s worth noting that the 100W USB-C port is solely for output and cannot be used to recharge the unit. This differs from some competing products, such as the EcoFlow River 2 Max.

One notable feature is the AC180’s direct mains charging capability, eliminating the need for a proprietary AC adapter. The unit supports rapid charging speeds of up to 1440W, making it convenient and efficient. The use of a standard IEC mains cable adds to the convenience, as it is commonly found in households.

According to Bluetti, the AC180 can achieve an 80% charge from completely depleted in just 45 minutes. In practical tests, it reached 55% in 30 minutes, 92% after 50 minutes, and achieved a full charge in almost precisely one hour – an impressive feat.

For peak charging speeds of 1440W, it’s essential to activate Turbo mode through the associated smartphone app. However, users may need to ensure the unit is entirely cool to attain these higher charging speeds. During testing, allowing for a substantial cooldown period after discharging proved necessary to achieve the fastest charging speeds. Despite the high-speed charging, the unit remains impressively cool.

The warmest expelled air, as measured by a thermal imaging camera, registered below 40°C. Even at full-speed charging, the noise level is not excessive, measuring approximately 47dB from one meter away. For a quieter experience, users can opt for Silent charging mode, where fan noise becomes barely noticeable at one meter, measuring around 37dB.

The vibrant 2-color 8cm LCD display on the AC180 provides detailed information on total charging and output power in Watts, battery capacity percentage, and real-time estimates for remaining charge time and run time. However, the smartphone app lacks these estimates, providing technical information instead.

In conclusion to this section of this Bluetti AC180 review is that it seriously impresses with its versatile charging options, rapid mains charging, and efficient solar capabilities. The user-friendly LCD display and feature-rich smartphone app enhance the overall charging experience, making it a reliable and efficient power station.

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Bluetti AC180 Review

Bluetti AC180 Battery

Bluetti has consistently earned praise for its forward-thinking approach in adopting lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry over NMC lithium-ion cells. IThis choice translates to significantly longer life cycles, albeit with slightly less energy-dense batteries. To quantify the extended lifespan, Bluetti has rated the AC180 for 3,500 or more full cycles, indicating the point at which the battery can only charge to 80 percent of its original capacity. This longevity sets a new standard in the industry. By way of comparison, EcoFlow’s Delta 2 is rated for 3,000 cycles to reach 80 percent. The contrast becomes even more evident when considering NMC lithium-ion cells, often rated at 500 or 800 cycles to achieve 80 percent capacity.

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In light of Bluetti’s esteemed reputation and premium standing in the market, the AC180 power station emerges as a compelling value proposition. Initially priced at $1,099, its introductory offer at $799 enhances its attractiveness, positioning it as an affordable yet powerful energy solution.

Boasting a substantial 1,152 watt-hour capacity, the AC180 presents an excellent value with a mere 69 cents per rated watt-hour. This places it favorably against competitors such as the EcoFlow Delta 2, priced at $849 on Amazon, equating to 74 cents per watt-hour, and the GoalZero Yeti 1500X, which comes in at a higher $1.18 per watt-hour. Even at its list price of $1,099, the AC180 maintains competitiveness at 95 cents per rated watt-hour.

While acknowledging a slightly heavier build and moderate DC performance, the AC180 distinguishes itself with top-tier AC efficiency, robust app support, and the durability associated with LFE chemistry. This harmonious blend positions it as a well-rounded offering, delivering substantial value under the trusted banner of Bluetti. With few notable drawbacks, the AC180 stands out as an efficient, cost-effective, and reliable power station in its class.

It is my conclusion from this Bluetti AC180 review that it is a very capable unit and well worth the money.

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  • Outstanding AC efficiency
  • Comprehensive app support, including an offline mode
  • Exceptional value considering the capacity


  • Average DC efficiency
  • Somewhat weighty for its capacity

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