Bluetti AC300 and B300 Review

Welcome to our tried and test, in-depth Bluetti AC300 and B300 review. Here we take a look at this hugely popular power station and how it handles the real world. We hope this Bluetti AC300 review helps you decide if it i suited to your own personal needs and requirements.

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Bluetti AC300 and B300 Review

Bluetti AC300 and B300 Review

At the start of this Bluetti AC300 review I found unboxing it, my immediate reaction was one of awe at the unit’s exceptional quality, impeccable finish, and ingenious design. The weightiness of the device instilled a sense of durability, complemented by robust molded handles that convey a commitment to longevity. The AC300 boasts a vibrant color touchscreen display, offering an intuitive interface, along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi control options for added convenience. The conspicuous power button adds a touch of simplicity to its sophisticated design.

Featuring seven 10A 240V outputs and a plethora of inputs, the AC300 presents a myriad of charging options, catering to diverse needs. The modular B300 battery, exhibiting the same integrated handles, stands as a testament to thoughtful engineering, boasting an impressive capacity of 3.07kWh (3072Wh). Remarkably versatile, the B300 can function autonomously, delivering basic DC power through its 12V outlet and USB connections.

Connecting up to four batteries allows for a substantial maximum capacity of 12.3kWh, providing an extended power reservoir for various applications. The cost of this robust system proves exceptionally reasonable when considering its high build quality, potent inverter capabilities, enduring design, and an array of impressive features that truly set it apart right from the outset.

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Bluetti AC300 Key Specs

  • Utilizes a pure sine wave inverter with a robust 6000W surge power capacity.
  • Equipped with a versatile power output configuration, including 6 x 120V AC outlets, 1 x 120V TT-30 outlet, and a total output of 3000W.
  • Features diverse USB ports, including 1 x 100W USB-C, 2 x 5V USB Type A, and 2 x 18W USB Type-A, catering to various device charging needs.
  • Offers additional power options with a 1 x 12V/30A DC RV outlet and 1 x 24V/10A car outlet for enhanced flexibility.
  • Includes 2 x 15W Qi wireless charging pads for convenient wireless charging compatibility.
  • Supports multiple input sources, such as AC, solar, and car inputs, with a maximum input capacity of 5,400W.
  • Capable of 240V split phase bonding, providing advanced power functionalities.
  • Features various UPS modes to ensure uninterrupted power supply during outages or fluctuations.
  • Allows the connection of up to four B300 batteries for expanded power storage.
  • Enables convenient control through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth using a mobile app.
  • Incorporates a user-friendly built-in LCD touchscreen display for easy monitoring.
  • Compact dimensions of 20.5 x 14.1 x 12.5 inches with a weight of 47.62 pounds for portability and ease of use.

Bluetti B300 Key Specs

  • 3,072Wh LiFePO4 battery
  • 3,500+ cycles with 80% charge
  • Integrated MPPT controller, BMS
  • 1 x 100W USB-C output, 1 x 18W USB Type-A output, 1 x 12V/10A car outlet
  • 20.5 x 12.5 x 10.5-inches, weighs 79.6 pounds

Separate battery

Bluetti AC300 and B300 Review

Differing from the typical power stations, the Bluetti AC300 stands out as a distinctive system where the inverter and battery function independently. This uniqueness arises from the separation of the inverter, requiring connection to a dedicated battery module for operation, devoid of any integrated battery capacity. This design choice stems from its robust power and high capacity, addressing the challenge of excessive weight that would result from combining the battery and inverter into a single unit.

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Interconnecting Cable

Included in the package is a robust and sizeable cable for interconnecting the Bluetti AC300 with the B300 battery. While its appearance may seem bulky and protruding, it serves a crucial purpose as it carries a substantial current load, necessitating a durable and sizeable construction. This aspect stands out as one of the few design elements that might have room for improvement. Nevertheless, the flexibility of the cable enables versatile placement, allowing the power station and battery to be stacked or positioned side by side.

Power Rating

The Bluetti AC300 houses a formidable 3000W pure sine-wave inverter with the capacity to provide a peak output of 6000W for a brief period (0.5 sec) and sustained output of up to 3750W for a maximum of 2 minutes. Additionally, it incorporates a 3000W AC charger, a 2400W MPPT solar charger, and a range of DC outlets, including 12V, 24V, USB A, USB C, and two wireless charging pads on its top surface. While it may not be robust enough to power an entire home, including HVAC units and heaters, it proves more than adequate for emergency or UPS power needs. Essential loads like lights, computers, TVs, and even power-hungry appliances such as electric kettles, toasters, or microwaves can be accommodated, provided they are not all in operation simultaneously.

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Bluetti AC300 and B300 Review

Expandability is Key to The Bluetti AC300

Although the Bluetti AC300 + B300 is classified as portable, its primary design caters to a home battery backup system. The B300 battery boasts an impressive 3,072Wh capacity, but it comes with a substantial weight of nearly 80 pounds. This weight is attributed to the inclusion of a LiFePO4 battery, known for its enhanced stability and extended life cycle compared to Li-ion batteries, albeit with the trade-off of added mass. While it may not be suitable for extensive portability, the extended battery life and safety features more than compensate for the weight.

The AC300 serves as the central component and the user interface of the system. It houses the power outputs, a comprehensive set of charging inputs, a touchscreen display, and is accessible through a mobile app. Notably, it lacks an integrated battery. In isolation, the AC300 is inert, prompting Bluetti to package it with a minimum of one B300 battery for full functionality.

This approach offers significant advantages by liberating the AC300 from the constraints of an integrated battery, enhancing its effectiveness and expandability as a power station. With six AC outlets and a 30A TT-30 outlet capable of delivering a total output of 3,000W—withstanding surges of up to 6,000W—it proves adept at powering even the most energy-demanding appliances, such as microwaves, blenders, toaster ovens, kettles, and space heaters.

Moreover, its expandability is noteworthy. Straight out of the box, the AC300 can be seamlessly connected to up to four B300 batteries concurrently, yielding an impressive total power capacity of over 12,000Wh.

Bluetti AC300 and B300 Review

The versatility extends further with additional options. Acquiring an optional 30A charge cable allows a boost in AC input charging capacity to 3000W. Integration of solar panels is also possible, enabling not only solar-exclusive charging but also fast-charging by combining AC and solar inputs.

The AC300 boasts split-phase bonding support, and with the addition of the optional Bluetti Fusion Box Pro, users can connect two AC300s in series, each paired with four B300 batteries, resulting in an expansive total capacity of 24,576Wh. For an even more seamless integration into the home, involving an electrician and opting for the Bluetti Smart Home Panel allows the system to be tied directly into the home’s electrical panel, providing complete battery backup during power outages without the need to directly plug appliances into the AC300.

While there are various additional components available for purchase, they offer the flexibility to expand the system gradually, transforming the Bluetti AC300 + B300 into the cornerstone of a complete home battery backup system equipped with solar charging capabilities.

Nevertheless, for individuals seeking a more straightforward solution, the AC300 + B300 combination still serves as a highly capable emergency home battery power source on its own.

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Load Testing The Bluetti AC300

Throughout this Bluetti AC300 review I accessed its performance under demanding conditions. I did this by subjected it to load testing involving various household appliances and a high-surge water pump. The unit exhibited seamless operation when powering common resistive loads, such as simultaneously running a 2.2kW electric kettle and a 1kW toaster. Furthermore, I conducted tests combining the 2.2kW electric kettle with a 1.2kW water pump, boasting a surge rating of 3kW, resulting in a total peak load of 5.5kW (for 0.5 seconds), and the AC300 handled this scenario without any issues.

This really is a top notch, high quality power station that is able to handle the highest demands with ease. Just one of the many reasons I would highly recommend this portable power station.

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How Long Does the Bluetti AC300 Take to Charge

When carrying out this Blueatti AC300 review I made sure to put it through its paces so I could give details of how it performs in the real world. I always feel this is vitally important rather than relying on a manufacturers claims which always tend to be exaggerated.

Here is what I found.

The charging speed from an AC source is efficient, although it falls short of reaching the maximum 3kW charge rate when using a standard 10A (2.4kW) cable and a typical outlet found in Australia and the UK. The observed maximum charge rate hovered around 2.7kW, averaging at 2.3kW, with variations depending on the battery State of Charge (SOC). It’s common for the rate to slightly decrease as the battery warms up during the charging process. Nevertheless, the AC300 successfully charges the battery from nearly empty to 100% in just over one hour, which remains commendable, mitigating any significant concerns.

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Bluetti AC300 and B300 Review

Standby Power Consumption

During this Bluetti AC300 review I must admit I found one notable negative factor. That negative is its elevated standby power consumption, surpassing the average. In idle mode with both the AC and DC output turned off, it exhibits minimal power usage. However, activating the AC output results in an idle power draw (with no load) that seems to hover around 60W, a figure notably higher than the typical 25 to 40W drawn by most power inverters under no load. Surprisingly, when left on for 4 hours without load, it consumed approximately 8% of the battery, marking an unexpected observation.

To address this, there is an ECO mode designed to automatically disable the AC output in the absence of a load. However, it comes with a 4-hour delay, which may be considered lengthy. Ideally, a 1 or 2-hour cut-off point would be preferable, yet the current setup lacks user-adjustable timing. A future firmware update could potentially offer users the flexibility to select their preferred cut-off time.

Bluetti AC300 and B300 Review


In conclusion, the Bluetti AC300 and B300 combination stands out as a powerhouse in the world of portable power stations, offering a brilliant solution for home backup power needs. Its impressive capabilities, coupled with expandability, make it a standout choice for those seeking a reliable and high-quality energy backup system.

The AC300, with its robust 3000W pure sine-wave inverter and peak output of 6000W, showcases unparalleled power delivery. The B300, equipped with a LiFePO4 battery, provides substantial capacity and durability, further solidifying its position as an indispensable component of this dynamic duo.

While its size may limit its portability for camping adventures, especially without convenient access to a vehicle, the Bluetti AC300 and B300 shine as an unparalleled home battery backup solution. The meticulous design, advanced features, and exceptional build quality underscore their commitment to providing a top-tier power station.

For those seeking a reliable, expandable, and high-capacity power backup system for their home, the Bluetti AC300 and B300 present an ideal solution. This dynamic pairing comes highly recommended for its robust performance, impressive features, and the peace of mind it brings in ensuring uninterrupted power during outages or emergencies

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