Bluetti EB70S Review

Welcome to our hands on, real world Bluetti EB70S review. Here we take a detailed look at this hugely popular portable power station and ask – is it worth the money. Our goal is to help you decide whether or not this portable power station is right for you.

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BLUETTI EB70S Portable Power Station Review

Bluetti EB70S Review

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Bluetti EB70S Overview and First Impressions

The BLUETTI EB70S is a high-capacity portable power station designed to provide a reliable and versatile power source for various devices.

Upon initial inspection, the EB70S immediately captures attention with its modern and streamlined design. The compact structure and the inclusion of a fold-away handle enhance its portability, allowing for easy carrying without sacrificing valuable space. Weighing just over 21 lbs, the power station maintains a lightweight profile, a crucial feature for any portable power station, ensuring convenient transportation.

A notable design element is the discreet LED light located on the front. While its outdoor brightness might not be overwhelmingly high, it does offer practical functionalities such as a flashing mode and SOS signal, adding versatility to its utility.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the power station exudes a sense of sturdiness and quality construction. The emphasis on durable materials in its crafting assures not only a pleasing appearance but also longevity in performance.

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Bluetti EB70S Review

What’s in the Box

In the box, you’ll find the BLUETTI EB70S 716Wh Portable Power Station, accompanied by an AC adapter and charging cable. Additionally, there is a car charging cable designed for charging the EB70S through the cigarette lighter or accessory plug in your vehicle. A solar panel charging cable, specifically DC7909 to MC4, is also included to facilitate solar charging. For guidance and reference, a User Manual is provided to ensure you make the most of your BLUETTI EB70S.

Bluetti EB70S Hardware Specs

The BLUETTI EB70S 716Wh Portable Power Station, weighing 21.4 lbs (9.7 kg) and measuring 12.6 x 8.5 x 8.7 inches (32 x 21.6 x 22.1 cm), operates within a temperature range of -4 to 104℉ (-20-40℃) and can be stored in temperatures ranging from 14 to 113℉ (-10-45℃).

The power station features a LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery with a capacity of 716Wh (22.4V, 32Ah), offering over 2,500 cycles to 80% original capacity. Equipped with an MPPT Controller, BMS, and other management systems, the battery ensures efficient performance.

On the output side, it provides 4 x 120V/20A AC outlets with a total capacity of 800W, delivering a pure sine wave with a surge power of 1,400W. Additionally, it includes 2 x USB-C ports (each with a maximum of 100W), 2 x USB-A ports (5V/3A each), 1 x 12V/10A car outlet, 2 x 12V/10A DC5521 outlets, and a wireless charging pad with a maximum output of 15W.

For input, the power station supports a maximum of 200W through the AC adapter input, 200W solar input (VOC 12-28V, 8A), and car input from a 12/24V cigarette lighter port.

Charging times vary with the chosen method, with the AC adapter (200W) taking approximately 4-4.5 hours, solar charging (200W) taking around the same time under ideal conditions, and the 12V/24V car outlet (100W/200W) requiring approximately 7.5 or 4.0 hours, respectively. The power station also supports pass-through charging.

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Bluetti EB70S Review

Installation and Setup

The first thing I tackled for this BLUETTI EB70S review was the installation and setup. The BLUETTI EB70S power station arrived with a commendable 60% charge, providing a decent starting point for immediate use. Charging the unit to its full 100% capacity was a swift process, taking approximately 90 minutes. This efficient charging time allowed for a quick turnaround, ensuring that the power station was promptly ready for use.

This seamless setup experience contributes to the user-friendly nature of the BLUETTI EB70S, minimizing downtime and allowing users to harness its power capabilities without unnecessary delays. The convenience of a swift charge-up enhances the overall usability and accessibility of the power station, catering to the practical needs of its users.

Power Performance: Capacity and Output

The EB70S showcases remarkable capacity and performance, featuring an impressive 716Wh lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery that excels in energy storage for its compact size. With a robust 800W pure sine wave AC output, it ensures a consistent and efficient power supply for various devices. Boasting four AC outlets, a wireless charger, and a range of USB ports, including PD and QC types, the EB70S proves its versatility by simultaneously powering or charging multiple devices.

Diversifying its connectivity options, the power station includes two regulated 12V DC outputs and a 12V/10A car port, catering to devices such as mini-fridges, CPAP machines, and drone batteries. The assortment of USB ports, comprising two USB-A and two 100W PD3.0 USB-C, accommodates a spectrum of devices—from smartphones and tablets to laptops and portable gaming consoles. The multiple AC outlets enhance its functionality, enabling the operation of small appliances and positioning the EB70S as suitable for both outdoor adventures and emergency home backup scenarios.

While theoretically capable of powering a full-size refrigerator for approximately 40 minutes, it’s advisable to refrain from doing so, as it approaches the limit of the inverter. Large power tools or high-demand cooking appliances like air fryers and electric ovens are not recommended, given their substantial power requirements. The EB70S excels in managing smaller workloads during camping trips, outdoor activities, or emergency situations. In my experience, facing occasional power outages due to inclement weather during the summer, the Bluetti provided ample power to recharge all my mobile devices and sustain my laptop and lights for 2-3 days effortlessly.

In catering to my workstation demands, which include powering a 27-inch monitor, a MacBook Pro, and a desk lamp, the power station demonstrated remarkable stamina, providing a lasting power supply for 14 hours. This endurance equates to two full working days, showcasing the EB70S as a dependable power source that seamlessly adjusts to various scenarios, delivering consistent and reliable performance for a diverse range of power needs.

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Bluetti EB70S Review

Charging the BLUETTI EB70S

Throughout this BLUETTI EB70S review the unit really did stand out with its remarkable fast-charging capabilities, particularly in solar charging. Equipped with an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) high-efficiency solar charge controller, the power station, when combined with solar panels, exhibits rapid solar charging times. What sets it apart is its support for up to 200W solar input, showcasing an advanced approach to energy management and a commitment to sustainability.

In my testing, I harnessed the power of 200W solar panels to recharge the EB70S battery, and the process yielded a full charge in approximately 6 hours. This impressive performance underscores the power station’s efficiency in harnessing solar energy for quick and effective charging.

Furthermore, the EB70S offers versatile charging options, ensuring adaptability for users on the move. Whether it’s through a conventional AC wall outlet or a 12V vehicle accessory port, the power station provides flexibility and convenience in recharging, making it a reliable energy solution for various scenarios and locations.


Interacting with the BLUETTI EB70S’s display offered a clear and straightforward experience, yet I found myself wishing for more detailed real-time information. Currently, it provides essential data like battery capacity in 20% increments, input and output power, along with alerts. However, the absence of specific details, such as the exact battery level, remaining charge time, or remaining usage time, leaves room for improvement. A more advanced display could offer users a deeper understanding of their energy usage, empowering them with valuable insights for more effective power management. This enhancement would elevate the user experience by providing a comprehensive overview of the power station’s performance and optimizing its functionality for various scenarios.

Bluetti EB70S Review

What I Like About the BLUETTI EB70S

While busy with this BLUETTI EB70S review there were many aspects about it I really did like. Here is a summary of the things I really do feel make this power station stand out :-

  1. Solid Construction: Its robust and well-crafted design reflects a commitment to quality.
  2. Clear Instructions: The provided instructions are excellent, ensuring a straightforward setup process.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The control interface is easy to navigate, promoting efficient operation.
  4. Versatile Charging: With a variety of power output ports and outlets, the EB70S accommodates the simultaneous charging needs of multiple devices.
  5. Flexible Power Sources: Whether through AC or car power, the power station offers flexible charging options for added convenience.
  6. Long-lasting Performance: Impressively enduring over 2500 charge/discharge cycles, the EB70S showcases durability and long-term usability.
  7. Personalized Style: The availability of color choices allows users to personalize their power station, catering to individual preferences.

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What Do Not Like About the BLUETTI EB70S

While the BLUETTI EB70S has many positive features, it’s essential to consider some potential drawbacks:

  1. Inverter Limitations: The unit may not be suitable for running large power tools or high-power cooking appliances like air fryers or electric ovens due to the limitations of the inverter.
  2. Solar Panel Compatibility: While it supports up to 200W solar input, users should ensure compatibility with specific solar panels, and charging times may vary based on factors like sunlight conditions.

Bluetti EB07S Review Conclusion

Here is my conclusion to this Bluetti EB70S review.

In a world saturated with power stations, the BLUETTI EB70S confidently asserts its uniqueness. With an extensive two-year warranty and an impressive array of features, it boldly stands as a frontrunner in a highly competitive market.

Wholeheartedly recommending the BLUETTI EB70S is a natural inclination, given its flawless performance and a notable absence of any unexpected setbacks. Whether navigating emergency situations, embarking on outdoor escapades, seeking everyday convenience, or empowering corded tools, this portable powerhouse, delivering 800 watts from a trusted manufacturer, emerges as an unparalleled and distinctive solution for all your power demands.

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